What is the biggest social media platform for marketing agencies?

What is the biggest social media platform for marketing agencies?
This is a loaded question so let’s try to unpack it a bit because there are a lot of different angles.

If you simply want to reach more people, I believe Twitter has the best potential to reach the most people. Instagram and Twitter are the only platforms where you don’t have to be connected, and you can have an unlimited # of followers that you can speak to at any time.

Edit: TikTok falls under this category too (being able to reach an unlimited # of people) — I just don’t feel as qualified to talk about this platform as much, even though my 2nd post went viral and is sitting at 2.3M views lol

If you’re wanting to know which social media platform is the biggest because you want to find clients for your marketing agency, then I will always recommend LinkedIn.

And if you’re wanting to put out a ton of content (without limits), I would say Facebook*.

*You can string together a ton of tweets (usually called a thread 🧵) on Twitter and deliver your content that way too. But, with Facebook, you can put together one single post, dress it up nicely, and then target your exact audience to get more eyeballs on the post. Twitter ads and Twitter targeting are still kinda awful, to be honest. But with Facebook, you can — one way or another — target any audience you could think of.

With Facebook, you’re also going to need to create a Page. If you don’t know how to get started with setting up a Facebook Page, see the link below. (It was posted by Hootsuite on my 28th birthday 😇)

How to Create a Facebook Business Page in 8 Simple Steps

Instagram is a wild card to me, and I’ve posted on my personal IG account probably 6–7 times over the last two years. Honestly, the platform just doesn’t excite me anymore, but I know which types of businesses/products do well or have the potential to do well on the platform.

Before you over-stress and over-worry about which platform you should choose for your business or marketing agency, first think about what you want to do. What do you want to accomplish?

If you ask “What is the biggest social media platform for marketing agencies?” to a Marketer with a lick of sense… they’re going to respond with “It depends!”. Because it does, it always depends. First, think about what you want to do and what you want to accomplish. If you need help with choosing a platform, specifically, reach out to me, and we’ll get it figured out! 🙂

Breaking down each social media platform

Twitter: I would recommend Twitter to absolutely everyone. I feel that short-form content is going to pick up speed (it already has), and this is an opportunity anyone can capitalize on. If you’re going to use Twitter, though, post as frequently as you possibly can, without sacrificing the quality of your content.

Facebook: Best used to deliver your content to a highly targeted audience (even if no one knows you yet). You’d need to set up a Facebook ads account to grab the platform’s full potential. And if you ever decide to dip your toes into the Facebook ads world, please feel free to ping me with any questions that might come up. (Have a few pretty nifty strategies up my sleeves.) 🙂

TikTok: Kinda like Twitter, but with video. Post on TikTok ferociously. Don’t worry about producing high-quality videos all the time… people LOVE raw, unedited, amateur-produced content because it’s humanizing! TikTok’s algorithm craves content. The more you post, the more you will be rewarded (at least for now!).

LinkedIn: First things first… please try to stay away from any LinkedIn automation tool that messages your “prospects”. People can instantly tell if it’s a canned, automated message. If you want to automated Follows/Likes, go for it. But know that it’s against LinkedIn’s ToS (terms of service) and can result in getting your account banned. If you want to find new clients for almost any B2B product/service, head to LinkedIn.

Instagram: This is another platform where I think you should post prolifically. Unlike TikTok, I believe you should have high-quality images here. You can include the raw, unedited versions now and again… kinda like a “behind the scenes” post, but take your time with creating quality content here.

All of the platforms: If you’re just starting, you can take advantage of the algorithms by posting only the things your business does. If you’re a social media marketing agency, post only about social media and social media marketing.

One last thing, use hashtags sparingly. Use them, but do NOT put more than three hashtags in your posts… ever.

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