I’m not even sure how this is gonna go. And the only way I’ll find out is if I get started with Day 1. Today is Day 1 for me.

I figured the best way to get the balling rolling is to do a bit of an intro and finally let others know what I’ve been up to. When people ask my mom, dad, or sisters about what I do, they honestly have no idea. I just don’t talk about it much. And I’ve realized I’m never going to be able to help others if no one knows what I’m up to. I’m never going to be able to accomplish anything if no one knows what I’m doing.

Social media has paralyzed me for the past decade it seems. Putting yourself out there is hard. You’re opening yourself up to criticism, and that’s a challenging thing to do. I logged onto Twitter this morning and saw that the Revue integration made its way over so I took that as a perfect sign to get started.

The first thing I’m building

These are the people I can’t wait to help.

I’m part of a team that’s helping build a platform called SiteVisitor. This nifty little tool is able to identify the people that visit any B2B website. If you have any experience with Google ads, you know a single click can be pretty expensive for higher buying-intent keywords. Typically, a B2B website or landing page will only convert about 2% of its website visitors into sales leads.

Just 2 out of 100 people who visit that website will submit a form or schedule a call. Not good. And it’s a huge waste of money to do this with Google ads… unless you have SiteVisitor.

Instead of targeting a cold list of prospects, SiteVisitor gives you a list of people who are looking to buy what you sell AND they already know you… they’ve already visited your website and shopped you. These are the people you should be targeting first.

If you know of anyone ever looking for something like this, I’ll fall in love with you if you keep us in mind. :)

The second thing I’m building

If you’ve made it this far, thank you. I’m not any kind of copywriter… I just like to write as if I was talking directly to you. I’ll get better, I promise. This is just Day 1 and I’m excited to make it to Day 1,000.

Twitter: @kyledackerman

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