Thoughts on cancelling student loan debt

Cancelling student loan debt:

Think of a country as a business and its citizens as employees — you always want your employees firing on all cylinders and operating as a well-oiled machine.

You’ll never have a business firing on all cylinders without its employees operating at peak performance.

Student debt is crushing the future of America

Sure, I’ll agree it was a bad idea to go to college and pursue a degree that’s as good as a piece of scrap paper. But it’s so much deeper than that. Who taught these kids? Why did they think college was the correct (and only) option? They’re still CHILDREN. They can’t crack a cold Bud Light but they can sign up for 6-figure debt before they’re 18.

Cancelling student debt (or a portion of it) takes the cement blocks off their chests and allows people to breathe, dream, and innovate. That’s how this country was built anyway.

Comments like “they should’ve known better than to agree to these student loans” are blatantly asinine. They’re children who were taught by an adult (parent, teacher, etc) to go pursue an unprofitable career. Some were told to just go get any degree they wanted. They were steered in the wrong direction and are now being crushed by debt they can’t keep up with… even if they never miss a payment.

Student loans are predatory and one of the worst things for this country.

I can start a business and declare bankruptcy when I fck it up.

But student loans are excluded from that kind of relief.

Make that make sense to me.



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