This is how I plan to grow Nurturely to $10k MRR

  • organic — blog posts
  • courses

Paid ads

Let’s say it costs $200 to acquire a new user at $97 per month. At a very high level, it would take $20,800 in ad spend to get there. But then there’s churn. Not everyone is gonna stay. Some might stay on for 3 months. Others will cancel before their first rebill. It’s just part of the game.


I’ve published my first blog post on the Nurturely website: 11 Tips To Optimize Your Landing Page.


I’m creating a few different courses to help local home service business owners get a better handle on their companies. Instead of pushing them to hire an agency, I’d rather teach them the things they can do on their own. Help them walk before they can run.



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Kyle Ackerman

Kyle Ackerman

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