Prompt: A Great F*cking Workout This Morning

I’ve been making strides ever since I started tracking my workouts.

EA Sports taught me “what you can measure, you can improve”.

So I started measuring.

What you can measure, you can improve

This morning, I had an incredible workout.

It was nothing crazy, it was just incredible — for me. We’re in the process of moving out of our apartment and into a new home. Only thing is, the house won’t be done for another couple of months and our apartment lease is up June 28th. So instead of paying an additional $900/month for a month-to-month lease in the same apartment, we’re heading north to Michigan and staying with family for the next couple of months.

We’re back in North Carolina after a 10-day stint in Michigan though. And that last week wasn’t a high note for me… as far as working out and getting good exercise in. I didn’t have a gym easily accessible so I hit the cardio hard. I didn’t get to a gym at all (the closest one is at least 25 minutes away). This morning, back in my gym, I had such a great workout. And since I had been tracking my workouts, I had a burst of motivation to get. back. at. it. It felt so f*cking good. I know it’s because I had been tracking and measuring. As long as I keep measuring, I’ll keep naturally improving. It’s just my nature. I know what I’m capable of. I just need to keep putting myself in a position to WIN.

You can follow my progress here by getting a bite-sized email in your inbox each week. So far my recaps only go out to my mom, dad, 1 of my sisters, and a couple of personal friends.

I created a Pocket Accountability system using nothing more than Google Sheets where I track different pillars to build better habits and improve in the areas that mean the most to me. (My Health pillar is where I track my workouts.)

I’m still learning my own systems and processes with the whole thing. But I already took the hardest step. The first step. Now, it’s time to build.

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