Pocket Accountability— Exclusive Edition — EXTENDED RECAP

Accountability score


Last week’s breakdown of each pillar

  • Health
  • Finance
  • Learning
  • Publishing
  • Social media


What I’m working on

A marketing automation platform for small businesses
— — —


Top 4 weekly Health scores ever (since beginning 14 months ago) are:

  • 136
  • 132
  • 122


My overall portfolio (if you can call it that at this point) is the most red it’s ever been. Percentage-wise, this is the worst it’s ever been. Lol


Not listening to anything particular right now. I’ll usually toss a quick podcast on while at the gym to collect a few PA points.


Average score of 72 over the last five weeks

I’m convicted on content marketing

I’m so entirely convicted on company’s focusing on their blog content. A new company that focuses on content marketing right out of the gate has the best chance at succeeding. Most (90+%) new businesses will fail within the first year or two anyway. But content marketing gives you the best chance.


Creating content is lovely and all. And if all you ever do is create + publish, you’ll do fine as long as you stick with it.

My favorite places to distribute are:

  • Medium
  • LinkedIn (articles, not social posts)
  • Quora

Places I’m considering distributing:

  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Ghost (coming soon)


Nothing is published here yet. Reddit can be ruthless and I won’t be publishing my content on this platform without reformatting. I don’t have the energy to deal with the onslaught of an inconvenienced army of Redditors. (Honestly tho if I need PA points, I’m going to publish there lol)


I don’t really use Twitter for business yet.


I’m doing an experiment with a YouTube channel, but I’m not distribution blog content there. Not yet anyway. This particular experiment falls under the Social media pillar, but I do believe YouTube to be an invaluable content distribution channel.

Social media

I ran a short 30 day experiment with my personal Twitter account


This one was long — thanks for sticking with me

Be well




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