Pocket Accountability— Exclusive Edition — EXTENDED RECAP

Kyle Ackerman
8 min readMar 7, 2022


Pocket Accountability was developed to manufacture a voice of accountability + track, measure, and improve in different areas of my life.

Accountability score

Week score: 365

Previous week: 273

Growth: +33.7% 🟢


Last week’s breakdown of each pillar

  • Career
  • Health
  • Finance
  • Learning
  • Publishing
  • Social media


What I’m working on

A marketing automation platform for small businesses
— — —

There are only 3 users on this platform so far, but the goal is to get that to 100 by the end of 2022.

With the product we’re launching, 100 users would gross just under $50k per month. It’s absolutely lofty and it kinda makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it, but I’m taking a shot and reaching beyond. Let’s see what happens.
— — — — —

We’re targeting injury lawyers first. I have a list of about 5,200 injury law firms that would be a good fit for Nurturely+.

Then, we’ll need to go through each one and see if they already have live chat on their website or not. At the same time, we’re quickly analyzing their website’s traffic to see if a live chat would even be able to generate leads for them. This way, I can filter out all the firms that wouldn’t be a good fit right away.


Top 4 weekly Health scores ever (since beginning 14 months ago) are:

  • 141
  • 136
  • 132
  • 122

And all have been within the last 5 weeks

Cancun is this week — I know I’m not going to break any records, but I do need to make a better effort to exercise my body each day. I always always always feel better if I make myself sweat.


My overall portfolio (if you can call it that at this point) is the most red it’s ever been. Percentage-wise, this is the worst it’s ever been. Lol

But this is also the calmest I’ve ever been (while being in the red)

I’m counting that part as a win — Untouched investment portfolios are almost always the most successful over the long term. Among average Americans, the most successful investment portfolios ever have been the ones that were forgotten about.

I’m counting it as a win because it takes a certain level of discipline to endure mega drops in value. (Or that’s what I keep telling myself at least 😎).

Far, far too many times I’ve exited a position only to watch it rip upward shortly after. Many times this would happen within a week or two of closing… not long at all to reap some fat ROI. 1 time, though, it happened within 15 minutes of closing my position (after holding for more than 90 days).

I’ve cut back on checking stock/crypto charts multiple times per day. It doesn’t do anyone any good. The day trader success rate is literally only 10%. To be in that 10%, you have to be good. And you’ve likely burned a sh*t ton of money learning how to become good enough to be profitable.

I’m not a day trader, but I thoroughly enjoy numbers, stats, charts, etc… (literally why this Pocket Accountability tracker exists).

I’m not checking charts for the purpose of day trading though… but I do risk being influenced to make a stupid decision the more my eyeballs are on the charts. (i.e If I see a quick drop, I might be influenced to sell prematurely bc I get spooked out of a position).

— — —

Below are summaries that have been included in previous issues

Holding $UAMY and $UAVS in my Roth IRA

United State Antimony (UAMY) is in position to be a major supplier of the antimony (raw earth metal) that’s used in batteries (think electric vehicles).

AgEagle (UAVS) is a major player in the commercial drone game.

— — —

For crypto, my holdings are in $KLIMA and $OHM.

Klima DAO‘s ($KLIMA) goal is to increase the floor price of carbon credits so it becomes more expensive for companies to offset their carbon footprint. They’ll do this by soaking up carbon credits in the voluntary carbon market (VCM).

This mega article will explain the impact this voluntary carbon market is going to have.

Voluntary carbon markets: how they work, how they’re priced and who’s involved

Olympus DAO ($OHM) is aiming to become a reserve currency.

— — —

Goal: Get Nurturely+ to $5k MRR before December 31st, 2022.


Not listening to anything particular right now. I’ll usually toss a quick podcast on while at the gym to collect a few PA points.


Average score of 72 over the last five weeks

My Publishing score had only been over 50 three times, ever

I’m convicted on content marketing

I’m so entirely convicted on company’s focusing on their blog content. A new company that focuses on content marketing right out of the gate has the best chance at succeeding. Most (90+%) new businesses will fail within the first year or two anyway. But content marketing gives you the best chance.


Because you’ll build deep, lucrative relationships with your target audience if the only blog content you ever publish is genuinely helpful to them.

If you help them, you’ll gain their trust.

If you have their trust, they’re doing business with you the second they need your product or service.

But none of that is even the best part about content marketing.

All of that is fantastic already… but with content marketing, you invest your dollars upfront and then it works for you forever.

Once you publish, that helpful article is up there forever. Helping people and developing intimate relationships while you sleep.

Once you publish, you don’t have to do anything and it’ll still continue working for you

Every second

Every day


Content marketing is a long-term investment with sustainable, compounding power over time

The longer you’re in the game, the more money you’ll make with it

Content marketing is long-term but that doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. Some people are just stupid and don’t know how to streamline cost-effective, efficient process so they bloat their operating costs. 🥴

— — —


Creating content is lovely and all. And if all you ever do is create + publish, you’ll do fine as long as you stick with it.

But you can speed the process up if you know how + where to distribute your content.

My favorite places to distribute are:

  • Medium
  • LinkedIn (articles, not social posts)
  • Quora

For now, I’m just taking the blog content and importing it to Medium with a link back to the original that’s published on my website.

Basically just copy + pasting this content over.

And doing the same for LinkedIn.

With Quora, I’ll search for questions that I already have answers too. I’ll cut out a piece of my blog article and publish only that section. I’ll have infinite content for Quora this way.

The best thing to do is reformat each piece to fit the nuances of each platform, but that takes more time than I have right now (to do it right). My main goal though is to develop a solid process that seamlessly takes a piece of content from idea to distribution. I have that process right now, it’s just a bit clunky and will take a few months to iron out.

Places I’m considering distributing:

  • Reddit
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Ghost (coming soon)


Nothing is published here yet. Reddit can be ruthless and I won’t be publishing my content on this platform without reformatting. I don’t have the energy to deal with the onslaught of an inconvenienced army of Redditors. (Honestly tho if I need PA points, I’m going to publish there lol)


I don’t really use Twitter for business yet.

I’ve tried getting into it, but I just don’t want to do that on my personal profile. I want to keep my personal for the bullshit.

It’d best to start a brand new company account though.

Repurposing content on Twitter would be easy because you could just take out the Headlines in your blog articles and publish them as a thread.

On the final tweet, include a call-to-action and a link back to a page on your site.


I’m doing an experiment with a YouTube channel, but I’m not distribution blog content there. Not yet anyway. This particular experiment falls under the Social media pillar, but I do believe YouTube to be an invaluable content distribution channel.

  • TikTok would be great too, but YouTube subscribers are far more valuable than TikTok followers. TikTok will likely make it as a company, but YouTube already has nearly two decades of proven success. Plus, your YouTube videos can rank in the search engines. TikTok videos can’t.

Social media

I ran a short 30 day experiment with my personal Twitter account

I used TweetHunter to draft + schedule tweets (super cool tool tbh)

About 3 tweets would drip out per day

TweetHunter costs $29 per month

I wanted to see how much this would influence my Social media score and see how many points that $29 turned into

It was four points

So I moved on to YouTube lol

I’m awwwwful on video and even worse at editing, so I’ve been screensharing some things I do throughout the day and just kinda rambling…. tossing that stuff up and just overcoming the awkwardness I have around producing video content. I’m even more convicted on video content marketing. But I gotta get over these qualms I have with creating it.


This one was long — thanks for sticking with me

I needed to flush out some thoughts I had this morning (these are usually written on Monday mornings)

I also believe that getting this out of my head will help me act on it

But writing it down and sending it out to you like this will hold me accountable for actually seeing it through

That was the whole reason I started this 14 months ago

I wanted to start it 18 months ago, but I didn’t have my pocket accountability to push me to do it


Be well


The Pocket Accountability recaps are sent out via email every Tuesday morning

But they’re also published here: https://www.getrevue.co/profile/kyledackerman

Below are my updated (lol) charts — I’m not very good with spreadsheets yet but this has been fun



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