Offer braindump

  • Business listings creation + management
  • Reputation management*

This is where I’m at so far:

Chat widget for company website

What is this? It’s a small piece of code that, when installed on your website, gives your visitors the option to start a sales conversation with you via sms/text message.

  • 10 chat-initiated conversations
  • 14 form fills

Business listings creation + management

This is how I’m going to get more traffic to my customers’ websites.

  • Hire someone else to do it
  • Have someone in-house do it
  • Let Everywhere do it in seconds


If you do it yourself and you value your time at $50 per hour and it takes 25 hours to get properly set up, you’re looking at $1,250 worth of your time.

Have someone else do it

You could hire someone on UpWork or Fiverr to get this done for you. Some folks will charge as little as $100 USD to submit your citation to 150 directories. Not a bad price at all, really. I just can’t vouch for the directories they submit you to because I don’t know which connections they have. Please make sure to properly vet each person before hiring for this. A lot of trust goes into something like this so even just a little bit of due diligence upfront can save you a lot of money.

Have someone in-house do it

You’ll have to train your employee to do this of course. I’m not sure how much you value your time, and I’m completely unsure about how much you pay this employee so it’s difficult to come up with a value like I did in the DIY example. If you have these numbers (and you do), you can simple calculate it for yourself.

Let Everywhere do it in seconds

There is no question you can do this project entirely yourself. It’s just a matter of it being worth it. (Or you wanting to do it lol). I launched Everywhere because I know how important these citations are to the SEO-health of a local company’s website. I see the near-instant boost it offers. It helps attract more + higher-quality traffic because of the higher ranking too. Bottom line: more traffic, more sales.

Reputation management

Every says they want more reviews, but few want them bad enough to do the work necessary to get those reviews! The companies with hundreds and thousands of reviews had to WORK for it on top of providing an incredible customer experience. They went out and got them.

  • Chat+ is the chat widget, of course
  • Everywhere is the business listings service
  • Influence will be the name of the reputation management side
  • Nurturely+ is going to be the branded name of my offer.

New idea

Offer a 90 day trial. These people are either hand-picked by me or they’ve gotten their number from the Website Leads Estimator. I really just need to get Chat+ installed on these peoples’ websites. The biggest hurdle is getting the code installed. Once that’s done, they have no reason to login and *use* it. I should be able to get some interest in this too because they’d be free leads.

How to become the go-to tree removal company within 20 miles of home base

  • Facebook Lead Form ads
  • Dark audience
  • contentOS — 11–16 posts per month is the most notable recommendation, but with local, I’d say a good target could be 5–8 published posts per month
  • Chat+
  • Everywhere
  • Skeleton newsletter — weekly, ideally—and just be a content aggregator. This is basically newsletterOS (this is part of contentOS tho)



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