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I’m not really sure why everyone doesn’t have some type of live chat on their website. But a lot of the ones I’ve checked out don’t have it.

Putting live chat on your website increases your perceived credibility and brings in more business. I know there are a few website builders out there that do include this option at no extra cost… if you have that option, turn it ON immediately.

More leads came through the live chat with paid traffic. Our ads are very CTA-focused i.e “Get Estimate Now”. If they click our ad, they know they’re on their way to getting an estimate (thus more leads convert in general).

Leads absolutely do come through with the organic traffic, but at much less of a clip. We have how-to content published on our sites, so there are times when someone is coming there to just learn how to do something themselves (not to request an estimate quite yet).

I saw how many companies didn’t have live chat. I personally scanned about 1k websites. Less than 20% of them had live chat. That means 80% of all businesses are missing out on leads that they could’ve captured with live chat. I saw how many companies were missing out so I’m a small software company focused entirely on getting live chats on people’s websites.

(Didn’t actually launch yet, this post is literally the first I’m telling anyone about my plans).

That being said, if you * regularly* get estimate requests through your website and you do NOT have live chat on your website, I’m giving away 10 lifetime accounts of Chat+ (hands-off installation included)…

It’s not *free* because I’ll be communicating with these 10 to get extremely valuable feedback. My goal is to create the simplest live chat product on the planet. You don’t have to $pay$ anything (ever), you just have to be willing to give me feedback at any point in the future.

It’s very important that you have a website that already generates estimate requests (and obv doesn’t have live chat). The reason for this is to show you how many more leads you generate WITH live chat WITHOUT additional ad spend. Your website will generate more with live chat, and I’m offering these lifetime accounts to show you that.

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