Kyle Ackerman

Sep 28, 2021

3 min read

If you’re a B2C company spending north of $100k per month on digital ads, we’ll help you sell more of your most lucrative product or service. And we’ll guarantee the ROI.

If you’re a B2C company spending north of $100k per month on digital ads, we’ll help you sell more of your most lucrative product or service. And we’ll guarantee the ROI. Zero financial risks.

You’ll see mind-boggling results within 45 days.

Any industry, any niche.

If you’re spending that much each month on Facebook, Google, display, etc… we’ll help you sell more of your most lucrative product/service (or whatever you wanna sell more of). ROI is guaranteed. Just message me here directly to get started.

Ff you’re anything like me though, you’ll wanna check out a few case studies before reaching out:

You’re likely locked up in Zoom meetings all day and I don’t want to be someone who adds to that. You can just shoot me a DM by clicking on this ad.

And you’re more than welcome to start a conversation in the comments section below too.

⚠️ The Facebook Page I’m using here is just one of my personal pages. I know it’s not a *great* look to do it like this, but I’d rather spend a little $$$ on ads instead of trying to force your attention with an email. If you’re up for learning more about how we can help, I’d rather give you the power to reach out on your own.

⚠️ I’ll be completely transparent: I personally stand to make a decent chunk on each client I refer to iiintent. I’m not an employee, I just happen to know the founders personally. And if you’re someone who works at a company that fits our ICP, I’d be thrilled to share half of my commission with you, personally. I’m doing this because, as a marketer myself, I try to find any way possible to craft the juiciest offer that I can. So I thought sharing a portion of my commission with you might help me craft a better offer. After all, none of it would be possible without you… You can completely bypass me and go to their website and easily get in touch with them. Your portion would be at least a few thousand dollars every single month for the life of the account. I don’t know how much a couple thousand extra each month means to you so this might not even matter, but I wanted to make sure I was being completely transparent with all of this… especially since I’m paying a penny or two to show up on your screen and take up a bit of your time lol. If you’re a B2C company spending $100k or more on digital ads every month, I really think you need to be talking to the folks at iiintent. Yes, I stand to personally make a good chunk. But I wholeheartedly recommend these guys both personally and professionally. I see what they are doing for others right now, and I’m making sure get your chance to take action too.

⚠️ iiintent’s product is primarily used by other marketing agencies, but they own and control literally everything and know how to use all of their technology better than anyone else does. I was told that anyone I referred would get a guaranteed ROI clause—they don’t market this offer themselves.

I felt that I needed to be completely transparent because, from the outside, it’s really kinda fuzzy about what I do for this company. I wanted to do my best to make sure you knew my motives and you felt comfortable reaching out to me. Some folks may trash me for doing it this way, but I felt I needed to let you know this and put it out in the open.

So, if you’re at a B2C company that’s already spending $100k or more on digital ads and you want to profitably scale up as soon as humanly possible, feel free to reach out to learn more. 🙂

And if you made it all the way down here and you still want to go check out those case studies, here’s that link again:

I hope you make today great.