My dad has a few windmill turbines on his land — he gets a decent-sized check each year for the 1 acre of land it takes up. Each lease is good for a total of 30 years (some have been active for 8 years, others just started up in 2020).

Cancelling student loan debt:

Think of a country as a business and its citizens as employees — you always want your employees firing on all cylinders and operating as a well-oiled machine.

You’ll never have a business firing on all cylinders without its employees operating at peak performance.

Student debt is crushing the future…

Your law firm’s website is an asset responsible for educating potential clients and, ultimately, generating leads.

Websites without live chat generate less leads than those with it.

If your website doesn’t have live chat, you’re losing opportunities that you don’t even know are there.

Want to see how many more leads your website could generate each month?

Use our free Website Leads Estimator tool to see how many personal injury leads live chat could generate for you each month

IMO, if you’re going to continue to run Facebooks ads you could find a way to scrape the emails of all the businesses you want to do business with

(Some people have reservations about scraping contact info but it’s all being scraped from publicly available info)

Build custom audience

Next, take that…

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