I don’t really remember what I wrote for check-in #2 because it was so long ago.

My saas has 1 client/customer— my mom’s cleaning company. I’m now the company’s marketing head, and we’ve been implementing nurturely over the last few weeks. They had almost zero lead generation or sales pipeline…

If you’re a B2C company spending north of $100k per month on digital ads, we’ll help you sell more of your most lucrative product or service. And we’ll guarantee the ROI. Zero financial risks.

You’ll see mind-boggling results within 45 days.

Any industry, any niche.

If you’re spending that much…

I’m trying to build this course and it’s stressing me out. I’ve been in the game so f*cking long that I know what looks good and it’s paralyzing me.

I can tell I’ve been spending unnecessary amounts of time on things that don’t necessarily matter right now. (Branding, designs, etc)

It feels good to build something. It feels good to be barreling towards a goal.

I’m excited again. And I’m excited about being excited again. 🙂

I’ve been building out an asset inside nurturely. GHL calls it a snapshot. Basically, I want to be able to give an entirely automated lead generation machine to anyone who buys our course + purchases a saas subscription.

I want this to feel like they’re getting hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of value every single month.

I’ve been working hard on it this last week and, today, I don’t think I’ll be getting much done. I’m heading to Hemlock in a couple hours (Chris’s wedding weekend). I’ve gotta pack some stuff up, get a haircut, and play some tennis today yet too. I definitely need a few more pocket accountability points this week and tennis is going to help beautifully lol.

It’s my mom. Lol

This is not my mom

Custom Maids is nurturely’s first client

I’m actually very excited about this… that pic above is a screengrab from a movie and if you can’t tell me which movie it is, idk how I’ll be able to explain it. …

There are endless use cases nurturely has for any kind of local business—especially service-based businesses.

My “SaaS company” is really a no-code, white-label software platform. Anyone can sign up and start a “software company” with this one. Since anyone can do this, it’s going to be very tricky to differentiate…

  • Americans in Afghanistan were told nine times by the US Embassy to evacuate. There were even offers to pay for airfare. Still, they did not leave. Why?
  • More than 127,000+ people were rescued from Afghanistan in the biggest airlift in United States history. There were something like 15,000 Americans in…

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