I’ve been making strides ever since I started tracking my workouts.

EA Sports taught me “what you can measure, you can improve”.

So I started measuring.

What you can measure, you can improve

This morning, I had an incredible workout.

It was nothing crazy, it was just incredible — for me. We’re in the process of moving out of our apartment and into a new home. Only thing is, the house won’t be done for another couple of months and our apartment lease is up June 28th. …

Yes, totally, on their way to work. Let's use our heads here., please. Assuming I'd advocate for driving under the influence is poor, poor judgement.

There are people who will work from home for the rest of their lives and will use cannabis to get their creative juices flowing. (Think content creators and company bloggers here.)

Yes, cannabis for sleep is glorious. I've had the best sleep of my life these last 2 years. 🙂

No, there are not two plants. When I use this analogy to help better explain it all, people start to get it. (Those who are completely oblivious to the world of cannabis)

I love that very last line though. I couldn't agree more.

Thanks a lot, Michael!


SAMHSA’s National Helpline was the very first link that showed up in Google while I was beginning to do a bit of research on this. If you happen to be someone who is desperately looking for a way to get out from under the alcohol demon, please consider this option. This is a question that popped into my head on one of my walks and I thought “If I came up with this question, there have got to be a few others who’ve also thought about this”. It happened to be on a weekend so I thought “Yeah, I’ve got…

When the ground temperature reaches at least 64 degrees Fahrenheit on their 17th year, trillions of cicadas rise up from the depths of the earth… but only in North America; this doesn’t happen anywhere else on earth.

And it’s happening this year, in 2021.

These cicadas are endemic to North America. Now, I know we’ve got a pandemic fresh in our memories, but endemic, in this case, means a plant or animal that is native and restricted to a certain place or region.

Let’s skip the personal stories about why I’m writing about this and just get right to the point. And first, you need to know what an IRA is at the most basic level.

Individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are tax-advantaged vehicles designed for long-term savings and investment — to build a nest egg for one’s post-career life. (Investopedia)

One of the main differences between a Roth IRA and a Traditional IRA is the timing of when you want to owe the government (taxes).

If you have a Roth IRA, you can start withdrawing without penalty when your IRA account is at least 5 years old and you are at least 59 1/2 years old. The best part? …

  • In the last 10 years, the United States population grew at its slowest rate since the 1930s — and the second-slowest rate of growth since the government began taking a census in 1790.
  • Overall, the South and the West grew the fastest in the past decade
  • Illinois, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Puerto Rico had the sharpest decline. (West Virginia lost 3.2% of its population).
  • There were more people living in West Virginia in 1950 than there are today. West Virginia is also 1 of 2 states where deaths exceeded births over the last decade (the other is Maine, but immigration…

I’m not even sure how this is gonna go. And the only way I’ll find out is if I get started with Day 1. Today is Day 1 for me.

I figured the best way to get the balling rolling is to do a bit of an intro and finally let others know what I’ve been up to. When people ask my mom, dad, or sisters about what I do, they honestly have no idea. I just don’t talk about it much. And I’ve realized I’m never going to be able to help others if no one knows what I’m…

We honestly have no idea.

Why do we not know this yet?

Healthline says: There’s not enough scientific evidence to recommend cannabinoids for treating mental health conditions, a new study finds.

But if I were to point you anywhere, it would be to rethink.org’s Cannabis and Mental Health Factsheet. You can download the PDF right onto your computer.

  • This is the most recent, in-depth study I’ve seen that’s been done on medicinal cannabis use for psychiatric disorders. I don’t know all of the use cases cannabis has, but I do think it’s something we need to be looking more into. A lot more.

Products with THC or CBD have been used in recent years as a way to self-medicate for certain mental health conditions.

And I can honestly…

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